My Leaf’s range is not what it used to be. What are my options?

At EV rides, we specialize in swapping and upgrading degraded batteries in older leafs with factory sealed, original-manufacturer replacements from Nissan. All are batteries are from salvage. We do not open them, modify them, or refurbish or remanufacture anything.  All are upgrades are carbon neutral. We can install swaps or upgraded batteries in any year of Leaf.

We are more than a business.  We are here to assist the leaf community, in general and the “pioneering early adopters” (the PEAs) who sometimes purchased their early model year Nissan Leaf sight unseen and through whose commitment to the electrification of America’s fleet then, led to the charging infrastructure we have now.

We also offer Nissan Leafs with upgraded batteries of all sizes and trim level.

If you’d like to discuss our range of services, or if you just have general questions about leaf ownership give us a call.  we’re here to help if we can.




What is PMR and how is it calculated?

“Price per Mile of Range” or “PMR” is a useful tool by which you can compare the relative value of  purchasing a new or used BEV, or an upgrade or range extender.  Simply put, it is calculated by taking the price and dividing it by the range it will deliver.

Consider the following scenarios:

Preowned vehicles:

  • A 2020 Nissan SV PLUS for $43,900
  • A 2016 Leaf SV w/11 bars for $11,500.
  • A 2013 S w/11 bars for $6,500.

Battery replacement:

  • A 40 KWh battery replacement in a 2013 leaf for  8,790 Euros ($10,293.93)
  • A 62 KWh battery replacement in a 2013 leaf for 9866.35

Range extenders

  • An aftermarket product that increases range by 10% for 236 Euros ($276.36)
  • Battery range extender 17.6 KWh 6986.64


First, you must determine the final range that your Leaf will enjoy after the transaction.  That range can be expressed as a single figure, or as a “range of range”.

If it’s a single figure, then this is the formula:

PMR = P/R(M)

Where P = total price, including any additional costs (such as sales tax, shipping, etc); R=Range in miles.

If there is a “range of range”, this is the formula:

PMR = P(n-m)/ {M(m…n)}*

Where m = the low end of the range and n = the high end of the range.  P = P multiplied by the miles between the high and the low range.

*FULL DISCLOSURE: I got me a good  thinkin’ part between my ears, but I am not sure this is correct.

So, here are the final range figures:

Preowned vehicles

  • 2020 SV PLUS: 215 mi. $204.19
  • 2016 SV 21.25-15 4.05: 89-97 $128.06
  • 2013 S 4.1 “”  68-83 $86.41

Battery replacement

  • 40 KWh upgrade 156mi $66.00
  • 62 KWh upgrade 38.54

Range extenders

  • AM product: 2013 76 mi./4.10 to 90 miles 95 miles of range $2.91
  • Battery RE 143 mi.  7033.61 $41.19


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